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Freddy Flavas

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  • Born: 0000-00-00
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  • Height: 186
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Freddy Flavas is the stoic silent type who will never say a word unless he has to, but when he does you better believe everyone's listening. He's that buff bloke at the back of a room, surveying the crowd, and making sure things run smoothly. But just because valiant stud is quiet doesn't mean he's stone cold! At the slightest sign of trouble Freddy leaps into action, ready to rescue a damsel in distress, lift her out of the fray, and keep her safe in his big manly arms. Ladies everywhere are so grateful for his strength and reliability that they're offering up blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, and any other job you can think of, as well as all the pussy that Freddy could ever ask for. So if ...