16 Home Office Essentials

Remote employees, freelancers, at-home entrepreneurs — you all know you have the best office in the world. Your fridge is down the hall, your bed is around the corner, and pants are optional. But how you set up your home office is the difference between working from home successfully and wondering if the DQ down the road is hiring. Here are 16 essentials for your home office that will help you sit better and concentrate longer, while simultaneously making your home work environment more attractive and better organized, so you’ll actually want to spend time there.

The best advice we’ve heard for those who work from home is this: give your home office the same respect as a “real” office. Have the right equipment. Keep it organized and well-lit. Get ergonomically oriented. And every once in a while put on pants.


Sitting for hours on end is bad for you — and you don’t need a celebrity doctor to tell you so. You feel it in your neck, back, shoulders. So stand up sometimes. But for the love of beans, keep working. The StandDesk comes in nine different top materials (including reclaimed wood and South American walnut) and adjusts from sit to stand with button-activated motors that quietly lower and raise up to 400 pounds in a matter of seconds. – Shop Now

HumanScale QuickStand Lite

If you already found a desk you like, but want to try this sit/stand idea, the QuickStand Lite is the way to go. It clamps or bolts onto just about any desk out there and uses a counterbalance system to let you adjust your monitor to whatever height suits your preferred position of the moment. Your keyboard and mouse come along for the ride on a a wobble-resistant platform, that even offers a bit of space for your beverage. – Shop Now

Azio Retro Classic Bluetooth Keyboard

You like the image of yourself as a Hunter S. Thompson-type — clacking away at typewriter, bottle of whiskey at your side. But using a typewriter to get any actual work done fills you with both fear and loathing. Meet a handsome compromise. This retro keyboard looks the part and offers satisfying clacks with each keystroke, but connects via bluetooth to PCs and Macs. It’s got an aluminum alloy frame, pebbled leather top plate, and LED backlighting bringing classic cool into 2019. – Shop Now

Roost Laptop Stand

If a laptop is your primary computer, take a look at how you’re sitting. Eyes down, neck bent, shoulders scrunched? LIfting that screen just a few inches will improve your posture immeasurably (and possibly your productivity too). This Roost stand is the best way we’ve seen to raise your laptop the few inches needed to get your eyes pointing straight ahead. Quick to deploy and easily adjustable, the Roost uses pivoting “grips” to grab onto just about any laptop. Now all you need is a bluetooth keyboard, and wouldn’t you know it, we put one of those on this list too. – Shop Now

Inventery Bolt Action Pen – L

Note-taking apps, iPads and styluses, Wacom tablets — modern tech is determined to replicate pen on paper. But sometimes you just need the real thing. This bolt action pen from Los Angeles design studio Inventery looks as good as it writes. Made from brass with a black oxide finish and sporting high-speed deployment, the Inventery pen will put ink to paper long after today’s newest tablet is obsolete. – Shop Now

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

In a perfect world your home office is silent. No roommates playing Call of Duty at full volume. The kids don’t have StoryBots on a loop. Your dog’s collar doesn’t clink incessantly. But the home office isn’t always perfect which is why noise cancelling headphones are non-negotiable. The QuietComfort headphones from Bose are among the best. Wireless, with twenty hours of battery life, the proprietary tech cancels outside noise while delivering clear, balanced audio so you can focus on what you’re doing, not what’s bugging you. – Shop Now

Cloudnola Objective Wall Clock

Tell time. Look nice. Don’t distract. That’s the job of your home office clock and this one from Cloudnola does its job very well. Designed in Amsterdam, the Objective wall clock has no numbers to crowd up the aesthetic and comes in a sleek stainless steel case with a black dial and minimalist hands. The movement is silent because there’s nothing worse than hearing tic-tic-tic as a deadline approaches. – Shop Now

Modern In Designs AG Ribbed Office Chair

Office chairs don’t get much sharper than this. The mid-century modern styling pairs clean lines with with consciously designed comfort for a chair that you’ll look forward to sitting in — and seeing every day when you step into your office (or corner of the room). The five casters roll you about your space while the removable arms let you customize your seating style. – Shop Now

Stretch Shelf

An organized desk equals an organized mind. At least that’s the hope. This streamlined little shelf will help get you closer to workspace nirvana by getting stuff off your desk and on the wall. With special divots and cable holes, the Stretch Shelf is ideal for holding your phone and other tech stuff while you work. It’ll also serve to display a bit of art or some books, so you can liven up your office with a bit of flare. – Shop Now

Bose Home Speaker 500

Once again, research is proving what you already know: music helps your brain concentrate. And if that music is clear, full, and Bose-quality? We can only imagine that’ll sharpen your concentration to a razor’s edge. Bose has long been the leader in quality home audio and their newest home speaker is designed to bounce music off the walls to fill a room with the beat of getting things done. It’s voice activated with Alexa built-in and plays via bluetooth, Amazon Music, or Spotify, with Apple AirPlay 2 coming early 2019. – Shop Now

Concrete Desk Organizer

Heavy, solid, substantial, and strong — just like every one of your ideas. This concrete desk organizer looks cool and has room for your pens, phone, and various other bric-a-brac that needlessly clutter your desk. And since it’s made from concrete, you’ll need to replace it exactly never. – Shop Now

Apple Mac Mini

Somewhere between a massive desktop tower and slim laptop lies the Mac Mini. Apple’s latest Mini offers five times faster systems performance than their previous version, packs Intel quad-core and 6-core processors, and has up to two terabytes of solid state drive storage. There’s a slew of ports so you can configure your peripherals however you want and the tiny but mighty size gives you lots of options for how and where you set up your workstation. It’s an affordable way to get a lot of Mac power, especially if you’ve already got a monitor and keyboard hanging around. – Shop Now

9 Great Wool Blankets to Keep You Warm This Winter

Let’s not mince words — wool is the king of cold-weather textiles. It’s very basic, the product of shearing an animal, cleaning the coat, carding it into slivers and spinning it into yarn. But wool is high-tech, too: the cuticle of wool fiber is hydrophobic, meaning it dispels water quickly, and because those same fibers aren’t straight, you end up with air pockets that trap heat. Wool even wicks moisture and prevents the kind of bacteria build-up that usually leads to odors.

These attributes make wool the perfect material for blankets and throws. Get one to drape over the arm of your favorite chair, or simply keep it in the trunk of your car to safeguard against emergencies. Nine winter-ready options below.

Avoca Donegal Wool Cobble Throw

These days, Avoca sells ceramics, cookbooks and clothes but it’s bread and butter will always be blankets, which it’s sold since the 1700s. This Donegal new wool throw is woven with three different colors of yarn and comes in two sizes. It’s also affordable, as far as 100 percent wool blankets go.BUY NOW: $99+

Perf Herringbone Wool Blanket

This Herringbone weave new wool blanket is woven by hand in the homes of Mexican artisans who receive fair wages for their work. In the incredibly competitive and expensive world of textile manufacturing, that alone makes these blankets special. But Perf also guarantees a percentage of sales from every one of its blue ink blankets goes to Habitat for Humanity. It doesn’t hurt that they look great, too.BUY NOW: $144

Woolrich Logan Ridge Sherpa Blanket

Woolrich may have closed its last US plant in 2018 but it remains one of America’s most storied makers. The Logan Ridge sherpa blanket is sherpa (polyester) on one side and wool on the other, while this ombre stripe pattern is an homage to the Woolrich archive. Toss it over your shoulders around a campfire.BUY NOW: $185

Pendleton Harding Jacquard Blanket

Thomas Kay founded Pendleton, but it was his grandsons who infused the legendary company with Native American influence. Its Jacquard loomed new wool blankets are among its most popular designs ever, and it’s pretty easy to see why: they’re gorgeous.BUY NOW: $269

Best Made Co. Lumberlander Blanket

Best Made’s Lumberlander blanket is designed in its NYC-based offices, but it’s made at the legendary Pendleton Woolen Mills. Instead of riffing on Pendleton’s iconic Native American-inspired prints, however, Best Made took a more minimal approach. The wool-cotton blend blanket comes in two striped colorways, both finished with a whipstitched top and bottom layer and selvage sides.BUY NOW: $198

Coyuchi Striped Blanket

This striped wool blanket is one of Coyuchi’s most popular products ever. Made in a 140-year-old Canadian mill from the dense wool of Canadian sheep, it follows the same rigorous standards the company holds for its popular cotton bedding, meaning it’s GOTS-, Fair Trade- and Fibershed-certified.BUY NOW: $198+

Faribault Woolen Co. Scout Blanket

In operation since 1865, Faribault is one of the biggest names in American wool. The Scout blanket is a 100 percent wool reproduction of a Civil War-era blanket, and this one comes with a bit of added Gear Patrol flair. Dry clean only, please.BUY NOW: $250

Schoolhouse Shaniko Throw

Brian Faherty’s Schoolhouse used to sell old light fixtures through a mail-order catalog. Now it’s a robust outlet, specializing in vintage-inspired homewares. The yellow and white Shaniko throw blanket is made in collaboration with Imperial Stock Ranch, a century-and-a-half-old ranch rolling out some of the best textiles the country has to offer. (Name sound familiar? Imperial Stock Ranch worked with Ralph Lauren on the uniforms for the 2014 US Olympic Team in Sochi, Russia).BUY NOW: $259

Restoration Hardware Fine Merino Blanket

Restoration Hardware’s blanket disproves wool’s scratchy reputation — two layers of extra-soft virgin merino wool make for the softest option on this list. It’s reversible and comes in two muted colors for easy matching.BUY NOW: $449The 14 Best Sofas and Couches You Can Buy in 2018

Mid-century modern, contemporary and plenty of the classics, this list is your personal lookbook to the most important piece of furniture that’s not your bed. Read the Story

The Best Smart Alarm Systems That You Can Install Yourself

Smart alarm systems are to old hard-wired systems what Netflix is to cable. Gone are the days of mandatory multi-year contracts, wires running down widow frames, and keypads requiring home phone lines. The new generation of DIY alarms can be both self-monitored and professionally monitored, their behavior is fully customizable, the cellular and battery backup means you don’t need a phone line and you don’t have to worry about losing power. They integrate with other smart home devices and ecosystems, as well as with smart cameras, smart locks and smart bulbs. And they can save you money on your home insurance.

Today, there are more DIY alarm systems on the market than ever before, and it’s time to get smart about smart home protection. We found that all of the systems we tested were easy to get up and running in a matter of minutes. We did spend some time with tech support to restart a sensor that became unpaired, and we had some disruptions to our home wifi that required a firmware update, but all issues were easily remedied. The only feature that none of the systems had that we’d like to see in the future is an app-based panic button accessible to every user right on their phones.

Ring Alarm

The Shark Tank investors who turned down the founder of Ring are likely still kicking themselves. We love the Ring Alarm app, which has a localized neighborhood watch, as well as localized police blotter, addition to full control of the system. The hardware is attractive, though the indicator lights on the hub and keypad could be an issue if someone were sleeping in the same room with the system. The siren has a unique tone, and was the most intimidating of the group. Ring’s professional monitoring also presents what we felt to be the best value of the systems we tested.

Accessories: Ring video doorbells, flood and freeze sensors, smoke and CO2 sensor, additional siren, Ring smart lighting, and a broad range of Ring indoor and outdoor security cameras. (You can check out all Ring’s accessory offerings, here.)

Compatibility: Google Assistant, Alexa and Z-Wave smart locks.

Monitoring Plans: Free self-monitoring. $3 per month for video recording of for up to 60 days. $10 per month or $100 annually for professional monitoring and cellular backup. No contract.

Recommended For: Those who want the best value in a professional monitoring plan and a broad range of accessories to grow the system later on.BUY NOW: $199+

Nest Secure

Nest has our favorite hardware of the group. The base unit is compact with excellent build quality — functioning as a siren, hub, keypad, and motion sensor. Though at $399 for a starter kit, it was also the most expensive system. The door and window sensors also double as motion sensors for an added dimension of use and an additional level of security. The app lacks some of the customization options of other systems, but a very clean UI that for some, may be preferable. This system just feels polished, and with Google as its parent company, it should be.

Accessories: Nest’s Video doorbell, 1080p indoor and outdoor cameras, and smart lock. (You can check out all Nest’s accessory offerings, here.)

Compatibility: Google Assistant. Nest Cam IQ Indoor and Outdoor cameras work with Alexa, but Alexa cannot currently control Nest Secure.

Monitoring Plans: $19 per month with a 3-year agreement, $29 per month, month to month. Free to self-monitor.

Recommended For: Those with a shrewd eye for build quality; who either intend to self-monitor or don’t mind entering a 3-year contract to get the best value for professional monitoring.BUY NOW: $399


Simplisafe was one of the first systems to come in and disrupt the old home alarm model, and the latest iteration of the system is very appealing in both black or white, with a solid build quality that was the best hardware value of the group. The keypad is tactile and superb, offering full control of the system, and would be ideal for those who want a range of access to their system without going through an app; the key fob is slim and the best fob among all the systems. Secret alerts allow customized actions that those setting off sensors are not aware of. To maximize Simplisafe’s features, however, you must have the top-tier monthly service.

Accessories: key fob, CO2 sensor, leak sensor, freeze sensor, extra siren, panic button, doorbell camera and 720p interior camera. (You can check out all SimpliSafe’s accessory offerings, here.)

Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant

Monitoring Plans: $15 for professional monitoring and cellular backup and $25 to add app integration. The app will not work unless you have the $25 “interactive” plan.

Recommended For: Those who either don’t want to use an app to control their system, or those who intend to get full use of the interactive plan by adding exterior doorbell or interior cameras.BUY NOW: $229+


Scout puts an emphasis on customization, both in the ease of buying your system piece by piece and with an app that makes custom behaviors the essence of the user interface. You tell the system to do exactly what you want it to do under what circumstances. If you want it to text you every time the back door opens, it will. Blare its siren the moment a sensor detects motion in the garage? No problem, just set your preferences. The compact hardware is ideal for small spaces but entirely scalable, though the hub does require an ethernet connection.

Accessories: Smoke/CO2 sensor, leak sensor, glass break sensor, smart lock, and 1080p indoor camera. (You can check out all Scout’s accessory offerings, here.)

Compatibility: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Hue, LIFX, and IFTTT.

Monitoring Plans: No-contract plans begin at $10 for cellular backup, $19.99 with professional monitoring. The app is the only way to control the system and it does not function without a monthly plan.

Recommended For: Smaller houses or apartments where size matters; those who want an app interface designed around customized alerts, and who intend to always have a monthly plan.BUY NOW: $299+


Abode has gone further than any other system in the group to offer a range of entry sensors — with slim and recessed options — to be as unobtrusive in your home as possible. The hardware is solid, particularly the multi-function key fob, though the hub does require an ethernet connection. Abode’s liberal integration with other smart home devices and ecosystems shows a willingness on the part of Abode to not put up boundaries for their customers; a philosophy also reflected in their flexible monitoring plans.

Accessories: Mini, recessed, and extra slim door and window sensors; glass break sensors, water leak sensor, wide-angle indoor motion camera, 1080p indoor video camera, keypad, smoke/CO2 sensor, indoor and outdoor sirens, key fob, and smart locks. (You can check out all Abode’s accessory offerings, here.)

Compatibility: Alexa, Google Assistant, Abode Cue home automation, Nest, Hue, LIFX, and more.

Monitoring Plans: Free to self-monitor. Cellular Backup $10 per month. $30 per month professional monitoring, no contract. They’re the only system that offers short-term monitoring plans for traveling, with 3-day plans for $8 and 7-day plans for $15.

Recommended For: Travelers who want professional monitoring when they’re on the road and self-monitoring when they’re home, or those who want sensors that can hide from sight indoor and window frames better than any other system on the market.BUY NOW: $249+Which Smart Security Camera Should You Buy?

The new generation of smart surveillance cameras are perfect for a modern family smart-home, and these smart cameras make home security both more inviting and more powerful. Read the Story

25 Best Dress Watches For Men

If you’ve found yourself going through the year so far with a great watch on your wrist, it’s time to change that. Our roundup of the 25 best dress watches for men features picks both expected and unexpected, each worthy of consideration for purchase.

While it’s great to have a durable casual watch on hand — say, with a classic NATO strap — a dress watch is just as essential. In matters of both refinement and style, it’s a must-have for big meetings, board presentations, business trips and regular days at your 9-to-5. That doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that a great timepiece is the perfect accessory to special occasions or plain situations when you just feel like dressing up. Some of these picks are investment-worthy, some are more attainable and all are worthy of a spot on our list of the best dress watches for men.

Baume & Mercier Classima Leather Strap Watch

There are certain leather dress watches that stand out immediately and impressively in a rather crowded (Read: Very crowded) field when it comes to the best men’s leather watches. That’s where the Baume & Mercier Classima Leather Strap Watch sets itself apart quite handily. It’s sleek, it’s refined and it seriously just gets the job done (for under a grand too, if you can swing it). It’s the right watch to wear on your anniversary or for a big presentation in equal measure — it’s that stunning and stylish. – Shop Now

Breitling Transocean Day & Date Watch

Few watches are as subtly handsome and crisp as the Breitling Transocean Day & Date. And certainly, few watches are as equipped for long-distance travel — and then tailored adventures on the ground. With both a day and date display and an accessible, easily wearable 43mm case diameter, this watch is sharply offset by the 18K red gold-and-steel case — try that on for size. It’s a premium pilot watchthat harkens back to the old days of air travel, and you might just be inspired to fly more yourself — in style, of course. – Shop Now

Tsovet JPT-CC38 Watch

The best men’s leather dress watches don’t pull any punches when it comes to how they look, how they perform, and how they give you the chance to wear them every single day. The Tsovet JPT-CC38 Watch is a prime example of this, made with a handsome white-and-tan combination that pairs nicely with rugged leather wingtip boots, casual suede chukka boots or your favorite leather dress shoes. – Shop Now

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia

Lauded the world over for making some of the best timepieces in existence (seriously), A. Lange delivers watches like no other. Made with remarkable care and quality — plus spades of timeless style — the Saxonia could just be the last dress watch you ever buy. We’re dead serious about that. Made with German silver, this model harkens back to the brand’s 1994 debut, but it’s so stylish and essential, it looks as if it came from the golden era of watchmaking. That’s exactly how the brand wants it. – Shop Now

Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Steel Watch

For every essential crewneck sweater or slim suit produced by lauded American designer Todd Snyder, it seems there’s an accessory or two that also fits the bill nicely in terms of versatility and standout style. In this case, that would be the Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Steel Watch, perhaps your new favorite dress watch (and one heck of a way to upgrade your watch collection, especially to start a new season right). Based on what the designer calls one of the brand’s most valuable styles, it’s a one-of-a-kind watch that can be worn with everything from a tan herringbone blazer to your favorite henley — and all for under $120. – Shop Now

Withings Activité Steel Activity Tracker Watch

Rarely do you find a watch worth wearing for dressier style situations that also features a rubber strap — and the same functionality as more technically inclined watches. Yet, that’s what Withings provides in terms of its Steel Activity Tracker Watch. With a black dial and what the brand calls an “elegantly minimal face,” the watch also tracks everything from steps taken to calories burned swimming or running. It also automatically syncs to your phone sharp style that can cross time zones — and look great in the process. – Shop Now

Shinola Canfield

We’re all about upgrading your style in each and every way possible — including the sharp timepiece you wear on your wrist every single day. If it’s been an aspiration of yours to do better in all areas of your menswear planning, you’d do worse than to invest in the Shinola Canfield Watch, a handsome timepiece that’ll turn heads for the right reasons. It’s the sort of watch that exudes confidence and delivers standout style, no matter if you pair it with a rugged shawl cardigan and indigo denim or with your best navy flannel suit. Shinola never fails you. – Shop Now

Hamilton X-Wind chrono Quartz GMT

Hamilton has an enduring legacy of building heritage watches that have been worn for decades in the field and around the country by great men. The X-Wind Chrono Quartz GMT might be the latest timepiece to add to that lineage, with great features aplenty. Starting with the substantial 46mm case diameter and finishing with the rich brown leather strap, it’s a timepiece for a new age — and it comes in at under $1,000, so it’s certainly worth a second look. Buy it now, wear it every day — and particularly cherish it for big-time, tailored style situations. – Shop Now

MVMT Classic Series Watch

For under $100, it absolutely doesn’t get any better than what’s being done by MVMT Watches. In a simple-yet-effective combo of white with tan leather, this is a dress watch that could certainly turn into an everyday timepiece. It features a larger 45mm case size, and it’s a watch that wouldn’t look out of place with your best blazer and slim grey chinos when spring weather hits. In the meantime, feel free to pair it with a knit tie and cardigan for chilly early spring weather — just try to keep from buying a few more given the price. – Shop Now

Armogan Regalia

A clean, sharp dress watch can instantly elevate any look — we know this to be true, and if you follow the work being done by Armogan, then surely, you’re in agreement. With classic looks and affordable, versatile style in mind, the Armogan Regalia in particular is a favorite of ours, from the rich brown leather strap (easy to pair with stylish tan wingtips) to the cleanly designed dial (able to stand out nicely in the boardroom or at that business pitch). Armogan also adds in neat touches like finely colored hands for subtle contrast — it’s a winning combination all around. – Shop Now

Grand Seiko SBGA293G

Seiko has a long lineage of delivering watches that perform in conditions both tough and more normal, without sacrificing a hint of style. Such is the case with the Grand Seiko SBGA293G, which is a perfectly refined watch that delivers uncompromising style in ways both classic and sharp. What does that mean for you? In layman’s terms, that means this watch is undeniably sleek and stylish, at once bold and also just dialed back enough. The Spring Drive caliber offers excellent precision, while the black leather strap pairs nicely with a navy wool suit and black Chelsea boots. – Shop Now

Linjer Minimalist Watch

For starting with a small run of leather goods, Linjer has expanded its approach quite nicely — including with its Minimalist line of sharp timepieces ready for dressy situations aplenty. The Linjer Minimalist Watch uses a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather strap, a unique design touch that’s both durable and crisp in its aesthetic. Between the clean white dial and the contrast between the leather, it’s the right watch to team with brown leather wingtips and your best suit any day of the week. A bonus — it’s sold by Huckberry, so you’re getting great quality. – Shop Now

Victorinox Alliance

We’re all about companies that make goods with utility and long-lasting style in mind — like the folks behind the iconic everyday carry essentials at Victorinox. They’re lauded for gear like the world-famous, timeless Swiss Army Knife, and the Victorinox Alliance fits a similar mold in terms of instantly recognizable design and performance. There’s something for everyone in the Alliance line, from the Alliance Small to the Alliance Sport Chronograph. These are dependable timepieces that go anywhere without missing a beat (or delivering the wrong time). – Shop Now

Skagen Ancher Leather Watch

While there’s definitely some excellent merit to buying a high-level, expensive dress watch, not every purchase need be that complicated. The Skagen Ancher Leather Watch clocks in (pun intended) at under $150, and it does so while competing with the best of them in terms of looks and design. Even a design detail as simple as the blue seconds hand adds a stylish touch to an affordable watch that works with your favorite white Oxford, a navy knit tie and brown chukka boots for classic, everyday style. You’re getting excellent value, and that means you’ve got a watch worth dressing up. – Shop Now

Orient Bambino Watch

Watches that call to mind the timepieces worn by our fathers and grandfathers are a welcome sight when so many companies produce gaudy, overly large watches. In this instance, the Orient Bambino successfully channels vintage style updated for the modern man. With a brown crocodile leather strap and a clean white face with the brand’s classic design touches, this watch is one to wear alongside a light grey suit and deep brown wingtips for your most important days at the office. And after you close that big deal, you can wear it out just as readily to dinner. – Shop Now

Rolex Explorer Watch

In the lexicon of classic watches, Rolex holds particularly grail-worthy status. Its watches are renowned for their durability, their classic looks and their blend of timeless style and tough functionality. Yes, even for being expensive timepieces, they’re still tough and well-made — a tricky balance, it seems, with more delicate watches. The Explorer has a unique look all its own — it’s made for everyday wear with items ranging from your best suit and a richly colored knit tie to more laidback, business casual looks. Even early Fridays at work call for wearing a watch like this. – shop Now

Braun Gents Classic Watch

Braun has developed a legacy that centers around creating functional products with sleek designs fit for everyday use. The Gents Classic Watch is one such watch that nails things on the head in terms of functionality, yet also looks sleek and sharp. The minimal 38mm case diameter is a callback to dress watches of old, and the black leather strap is more unique when so many reach for brown leather watches — this timepiece will definitely set you apart the next time you’re in need of a nice dress watch for a day at the office or an evening out. – Shop Now

Timex Marlin Manual Watch

The Timex Marlin collection has been among our favorites from the lauded American watch brand, delivering surprisingly refined and essential style at truly terrific prices. The Marlin Hand Wound Collection adds another element to that approach, featuring smaller dial sizes for a dressy, old-school vibe. We love the combination of gold detailing and also black leather available as part of the collection, too. – Shop Now

18 Best Men’s Quilted Jackets

The winter assuredly calls for an in-depth evaluation of your outerwear rotation — how many winter jackets do you have, and how many do you need? That’s where we begin with our look at the best men’s quilted jackets, an outerwear style that’s rooted in functionality and sleek utility — yet also geared to provide some serious style points.

Coming from heritage brands and companies that are just cutting their teeth at this thing we call menswear, men’s quilted jackets deliver on their promise of speedy style and performance. That is to say, when you just need to get out the door in a hurry — to evening cocktails or a day at the office — a quilted jacket is going to deliver on it’s promise of dependable performance and standout style.

The quilted construction is a sleek way to insulate your body from the cold, and many of the best quilted jackets are adept at layering. That’s the case whether you throw one on atop a thermal henley or layer it with a classic crewneck sweater. On your bottom half, the best men’s quilted jackets wear ably with everything from slim chinos and leather chukka boots to durable moc toe boots and your toughest pair of chore pants. It’s up to you to pick one out, now.

Johnston & Murphy Micro Grid Quilted Jacket

Best known for outfitting your day-to-day work ensembles with crisp plain toe dress shoes and rugged cap toe boots, Johnston & Murphy also does a fine job at producing the sort of outerwear and apparel that’s going to look stylish and versatile with said footwear. The Micro Grid Quilted Jacket lives up to this promise — it’s easy to throw and go, and it’ll also work well as part of a considered date night outfit (think a classic chambray shirt, clean black denim and tan cap toe boots). – Shop Now

Orvis Drift Jacket

Orvis takes on the lightweight outerwear game with the easy-to-pack, easy-to-wear Orvis Drift Jacket. Made for the guy on the go who can’t be bothered with an overly bulky jacket, the Drift Jacket might just be the perfect jacket to get from point A to point B, made with Primaloft Gold fill and built with neat details like contrast zippers, plus neutral color options. – Shop Now

Barbour Powell Quilted Jacket

If you’ve read or researched something so wide-ranging as the best men’s quilted jackets, perhaps you’re familiar with the legendary outerwear being churned out by Barbour, consistently. The Powell Quilted Jacket lives up to the lauded brand’s lineage, lined with fleece and featuring classic details like a corduroy-lined collar. Pick it up if you happen to be venturing into the highlands this winter. – Shop Now

The North Face ThermoBall Jacket

The winter months call for you — and all of us, really — to step up to the plate when it comes to reliable outerwear that performs in many a gnarly winter storm. The ThermoBall Jacket, while not made to scale mountains, is a warm layer that features a slim fit and ThermoBall insulation for added warmth when it. Use it as a reliable travel or rainy-day backpacking jacket. – Shop Now

Bonobos Banff Quilted Jacket

Spend any time on the Bonobos site and you’re likely going to be blown away at the depth and variety of the once pants-focused brand’s offerings. Toeing the line between rugged and refined is the Banff Quilted Jacket, offering a tailored fit, modern style points & the ability to pair easily with a Bonobos Oxford shirt and yes, Bonobos chinos. We can’t get enough. – Shop Now

Barbour Heritage Liddesdale Quilted Jacket

J. Crew has always done a stellar job of stocking like-minded brands that complement its own offerings nicely, which is why we’re excited to see this Barbour Heritage Liddesdale Quilted Jacket on tap. The simple-yet-sharp navy color and functional diamond quilting are two touches you expect (and need) from Barbour — this handsome jacket is essential for exploration in the field (or in town) this winter. – Shop Now

Marmot Quasar Nova Jacket

Marmot is a brand that sometimes tends to fly under the radar, but if you happen to get out and about, off-trail or off-road, in one of the brand’s functional jackets, you know Marmot can provide functionality and style with the best of ‘em. The Quasar Nova Jacket features 800 power fill goose down, for plenty of warmth in plenty of situations. – Shop Now

Western Rise AirLoft Quilted Jacket

The great thing about the best men’s quilted jackets is the type of versatility they provide, including the ability to layer up like a shirt jacket atop your favorite winter shirting — that’s at least what the Western Rise AirLoft Quilted Jacket can do. It’s the AirLoft insulation — imbued with four-way stretch for high performance — that makes all the difference, sitting at the intersection of warmth and flexibility. It’s another one of the best jackets for winter travel, and it can go anywhere you need it to (and then pack up back into itself along the way). – Shop Now

Belstaff Ryegate Down Jacket

Made with every bit as much badass design and styling potential as the brand’s exceptional leather jackets, the Ryegate Down Jacket channels that same energy into a coat that brand ambassador (and style icon) David Beckham would be proud to wear. Cut slim and trim for a travel-ready fit, the Ryegate features flattering raglan sleeve construction and high-density nylon construction. Wear it with slim black denim for a surprisingly stylish night out. – Shop Now

Brooks Brothers Water-Repellent Quilted Bomber Jacket

A great piece of Brooks Brothers outerwear on sale for less than $100? That sounds too good to be true, but that’s not the case with the Water-Repellent Quilted Bomber, a truly stunning jacke that’s sleek, stylish and classic, all at once. The water-repellent tech twill and navy color make this perfect to pair with a classic Brooks Brothers Oxford and tan chinos. – Shop Now

Polo Ralph Lauren Packable Quilted Down Jacket

Polo Ralph Lauren is an enduring menswear brand for a reason — they make the kind of no-nonsense pieces that turn out to be functional, stylish and timeless classics. The Packable Quilted Down Jacket, while not quite as iconic (to say the least) as the brand’s logo polos or Oxford shirts, gets things done the right way, thanks to the clean fit and the ability to be packed up into your carry-on. – Shop Now

Buck Mason Quilted League Jacket

Last but assuredly not least, the Buck Mason Quilted League Jacket just might be one of our favorite entries on this list, equipped as it is to be worn with brand’s lauded pima henleys and slim denim. Featuring a tough cotton-nylon blend and drawing on classic hunting jackets for inspiration, this dependable coat also features classic touches like a timeless corduroy collar. You just might want to wear it all the time — we know we would. – Shop Now

Cold Smoke Alpha-Lite Bomber

Cold Smoke makes sleek, stylish gear for the covert operator — or just for your commute. The point is that the Alpha-Lite Bomber is equipped for both, featuring a slim fit, neutral color options and Japanese-made fabric that’s weather-readyand warmth-rated for all seasons. One of the best men’s quilted jackets out there? You try it, and tell us. – Shop Now

Grayers Andrew Lightweight Quilted Jacket

We appreciate what Grayers brings to the table in terms of the expert construction of shirting, chinos & sweaters — it’s refreshing to see that the brand hasn’t slipped up when it comes to reliabel outerwear, either. The Andrew Lightweight Quilted Jacket from Grayers features the kind of straightforward subtly stylish-yet-classic look for which the brand is known — that makes it one of the best men’s quilted jackets, in our opinion. – Shop Now

Filson Quilted Pack Jacket

Available in a new shade of what the brand calls Sportsman Tan, the Filson Quilted Pack Jacket is many things at once: Durable, rugged, versatile and yes, still stylish. We love that Filson makes all of its gear with the same uncompromising attention to detail, and this quilted jacket is no different. Cut in a classic bomber style in a nylon-cotton blend and filled with warm Primaloft insulation, it’s a jacket that’ll do as well in the field as it will at your favorite watering hole. – Shop Now

Penfield Shusett Lightweight Quilted Jacket

Penfield does an exceptional job at blending the old and the new (witness the brand’s brightly color-blocked outerwear season after season), and yet the brand also delivers the goods in the way of modern functionality and sleek style. The Shusett Lightweight Quilted Jacket is more than agreeable in this regard, with a slick black color and water-resistant capabilities. Wear it with slim joggers and high-top sneakers for a bit of a streetwear-inspired look. – Shop Now

Relwen Quilted Tanker

Taking inspiration from the bold-yet-utilitarian styles of the military, the Relwen Quilted Tanker is a fine addition to the brand’s line of modern essentials — and a fine addition to your menswear wardrobe. It’s the perfect jacket to throw on for travel, packed as it is with pockets and sleek style in equal measure. Wear it on a cross country jaunt or an international flight in place of a blazer, seeing as it can handle all of your everyday carry essentials with ease. – Shop Now

Peter Millar All-Weather Quilted Field Jacket

With a brand like Peter Millar, you’re investing in bold, classic style that simply works quite well for the modern man on the go. That’s a bold proposition to live up to, and yet the All-Weather Quilted Field Jacket does that — and more. A slim fit and multiple front pockets mean this jacket is going to help you get around quicker, without slowing you down. – Shop Now

10 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100

Tiny ear buds were all the rage for a while, but novelty fades, and when you’re listening to music, you want an immersive experience, not a piece of plastic crammed in your ear that slips out of place, lets outside noise leak in, and leaves you with an earache after a few minutes of wear.  Save your ear buds for jogging and hands-free calls in the car and upgrade to a pair of comfortable, high-quality wireless headphones for listening pleasure.
Sure, you might look like a wannabe DJ, dancing down the sidewalk in your wireless Princess Leia buns, but you won’t care when “Bohemian Rhapsody” is trumpeting around your head like you’re in the studio with Freddie Mercury, or the opening guitar licks of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” are oh-so-gently caressing your brainpan.  Of course, you need the right wireless headphones, not your dad’s old wired pair with the ancient pads that shed black dandruff all over your face and the exposed plastic that pokes your ears.
A resurgence in these listening devices has led to a whole new slew of options in the market, but if you’re not keen to drop a few Benjamins on a pair of Beats by Dre headphones, what can you do to fuel your solo dance party?  Try a few of these playlist-worthy wireless headphones on for size at under 100 dollars a pair.

Jabra Move Wireless Headphones

It wasn’t that long ago that Jabra was killing it with their wireless Bluetooth headsets for smartphones.  In fact, their mobile headsets date back decades, and they have the distinction of creating the first noise cancellation technology.  It’s no surprise, then, that they’d come out with some truly exceptions wireless headphones.  Characterized by crisp sound quality, thanks to signature DSP (digital signal pro-cessing) and ultra-lightweight construction, you can get a full 14 hours of playback on a single charge without needing a break. – Shop Now

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

These pretty ear machines are softly rounded and stuffed with padding, but what truly punctuates the HD 4 series from Sennheiser is the vibrant sound quality you’ll enjoy every time you put them on your noggin.  The closed-back, over-ear design reduces outside noise so you get total sound immersion with expert tuning, superior balance, and dynamic bass for those block-rockin’ beats.  Freedom of movement is a must, and you’re sure to love the reliable transmission and detailed sound offered by proprietary drivers and an audio codec with Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX. – Shop Now

Panasonic RP-HF400B-K Wireless Headphones

These might not be the prettiest headphones, but they do offer a sleek, streamlined appearance that will certainly appeal to minimalists, and they more than make up for their lack of outward embellishment with stellar sound – 30mm neodymium drivers deliver resounding bass and crystal-clear treble – and up to 20 hours of wireless playback when fully charged.  Plus, you can quick charge in 15 minutes for 2 hours of playback when you’re in a rush.  At $40, they’re also among the most affordable headphones you’ll find. – Shop Now

JBL Duet Wireless On-Ear Headphones

JBL is known for their quality speakers, and they don’t disappoint with their foray into the land of on-ear sound technology.  You’ll enjoy 16 hours of play with just a 2-hour recharge time, and you can easily toggle between Bluetooth devices if you need to answer a call in the middle of jammin’ with Bob Marley.  40mm drivers offer JBL’s signature sound, leather ear pads are built for comfort and made to last, and aluminum accents take these simple headphones into the realm of posh peripherals. – Shop Now

Sony ZX220BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones

At first glance, you might not be totally impressed with these headphones, which are pretty plain and offer only 8 hours of battery life, but all you have to do is look at the brand name to know you’re getting quality electronics.  Bluetooth 4.1 with NFC tech means you can easily pair with devices at a distance of up to 33 feet, and 30mm drivers and 100dB sensitivity deliver the powerful sound that embraces your eardrums and enlivens your soul. – Shop Now

TaoTronics BH040 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

The rounded design and chromed accents make for a pretty slick and modern looking pair of wireless headphones, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this offering from TaoTronics.   Comfort, convenience, and of course, sound quality are all on the high end, with cushy ear pads, 30 hours of playback, and active noise cancellation, not to mention HiFi stereo and deep bass delivered by 40mm, large-aperture drivers.  At just sixty bucks, you’re sure to be amazed by the comfort and sound quality. – Shop Now

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

My, what big headphones you have…all the better to hear with.  COWIN goes all in with large headphones in bold colors.  Are they competing with Beats in the looks department?  Maybe.  But at a fraction of the cost (just $55), you’re definitely getting a better deal with the COWINs, which feature ergonomic ear cushions, 30 hours of playback, professional active noise cancellation that auto adapts to your environment, and 45mm drivers with high dynamic bass response, plus Bluetooth 4.1 for the height of wireless connectivity. – Shop Now


360-degree swivel on earphones isn’t something the average person would think to look for, but this is one instance where the DJs got it right.  Being able to flip the pad off one ear so you can keep listening even as you talk to another person in the room is super convenient.  And it looks pretty cool.  I mean, you’ll also enjoy the signature JBL sound, 11 hours of battery life, wireless Bluetooth 4.0, and intuitive controls to seamlessly switch between devices. – Shop Now

MPOW H5 Headphones

They’ve got active noise cancelling technology, a must in this madding world of idiots shouting into their cell phones in public.  They’ve got 40mm drivers for superior balance and deep bass so your sound is always tight.  They even have protein ear pads (whatever the heck that means) for comfort and durability.  You’ll get 30 hours playback and apparently, you can bend the headband up to 10,000 times (they tested it for elasticity and toughness).  If you’re looking for excellent sound quality in a wireless package that will withstand a bomb blast, MPOW seems to have the solution. – Shop Now

Philips SHB9850NC/27 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Philips has been delivering superior sound system technologies for years, but their big claim to fame with these wireless headphones is up to 99% noise cancellation, which makes them a real boon any time you’re traveling by subway, airplane, or some other form of mass transit, or when the guy in 3B is playing the trumpet at 2am.  One-tap NFC pairing with Bluetooth devices makes for incredible ease of use, while high-res audio ensures stellar sound when blasting your favorite tracks. – Shop Now