25 Best Dress Watches For Men

If you’ve found yourself going through the year so far with a great watch on your wrist, it’s time to change that. Our roundup of the 25 best dress watches for men features picks both expected and unexpected, each worthy of consideration for purchase.

While it’s great to have a durable casual watch on hand — say, with a classic NATO strap — a dress watch is just as essential. In matters of both refinement and style, it’s a must-have for big meetings, board presentations, business trips and regular days at your 9-to-5. That doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that a great timepiece is the perfect accessory to special occasions or plain situations when you just feel like dressing up. Some of these picks are investment-worthy, some are more attainable and all are worthy of a spot on our list of the best dress watches for men.

Baume & Mercier Classima Leather Strap Watch

There are certain leather dress watches that stand out immediately and impressively in a rather crowded (Read: Very crowded) field when it comes to the best men’s leather watches. That’s where the Baume & Mercier Classima Leather Strap Watch sets itself apart quite handily. It’s sleek, it’s refined and it seriously just gets the job done (for under a grand too, if you can swing it). It’s the right watch to wear on your anniversary or for a big presentation in equal measure — it’s that stunning and stylish. – Shop Now

Breitling Transocean Day & Date Watch

Few watches are as subtly handsome and crisp as the Breitling Transocean Day & Date. And certainly, few watches are as equipped for long-distance travel — and then tailored adventures on the ground. With both a day and date display and an accessible, easily wearable 43mm case diameter, this watch is sharply offset by the 18K red gold-and-steel case — try that on for size. It’s a premium pilot watchthat harkens back to the old days of air travel, and you might just be inspired to fly more yourself — in style, of course. – Shop Now

Tsovet JPT-CC38 Watch

The best men’s leather dress watches don’t pull any punches when it comes to how they look, how they perform, and how they give you the chance to wear them every single day. The Tsovet JPT-CC38 Watch is a prime example of this, made with a handsome white-and-tan combination that pairs nicely with rugged leather wingtip boots, casual suede chukka boots or your favorite leather dress shoes. – Shop Now

A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia

Lauded the world over for making some of the best timepieces in existence (seriously), A. Lange delivers watches like no other. Made with remarkable care and quality — plus spades of timeless style — the Saxonia could just be the last dress watch you ever buy. We’re dead serious about that. Made with German silver, this model harkens back to the brand’s 1994 debut, but it’s so stylish and essential, it looks as if it came from the golden era of watchmaking. That’s exactly how the brand wants it. – Shop Now

Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Steel Watch

For every essential crewneck sweater or slim suit produced by lauded American designer Todd Snyder, it seems there’s an accessory or two that also fits the bill nicely in terms of versatility and standout style. In this case, that would be the Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Steel Watch, perhaps your new favorite dress watch (and one heck of a way to upgrade your watch collection, especially to start a new season right). Based on what the designer calls one of the brand’s most valuable styles, it’s a one-of-a-kind watch that can be worn with everything from a tan herringbone blazer to your favorite henley — and all for under $120. – Shop Now

Withings Activité Steel Activity Tracker Watch

Rarely do you find a watch worth wearing for dressier style situations that also features a rubber strap — and the same functionality as more technically inclined watches. Yet, that’s what Withings provides in terms of its Steel Activity Tracker Watch. With a black dial and what the brand calls an “elegantly minimal face,” the watch also tracks everything from steps taken to calories burned swimming or running. It also automatically syncs to your phone sharp style that can cross time zones — and look great in the process. – Shop Now

Shinola Canfield

We’re all about upgrading your style in each and every way possible — including the sharp timepiece you wear on your wrist every single day. If it’s been an aspiration of yours to do better in all areas of your menswear planning, you’d do worse than to invest in the Shinola Canfield Watch, a handsome timepiece that’ll turn heads for the right reasons. It’s the sort of watch that exudes confidence and delivers standout style, no matter if you pair it with a rugged shawl cardigan and indigo denim or with your best navy flannel suit. Shinola never fails you. – Shop Now

Hamilton X-Wind chrono Quartz GMT

Hamilton has an enduring legacy of building heritage watches that have been worn for decades in the field and around the country by great men. The X-Wind Chrono Quartz GMT might be the latest timepiece to add to that lineage, with great features aplenty. Starting with the substantial 46mm case diameter and finishing with the rich brown leather strap, it’s a timepiece for a new age — and it comes in at under $1,000, so it’s certainly worth a second look. Buy it now, wear it every day — and particularly cherish it for big-time, tailored style situations. – Shop Now

MVMT Classic Series Watch

For under $100, it absolutely doesn’t get any better than what’s being done by MVMT Watches. In a simple-yet-effective combo of white with tan leather, this is a dress watch that could certainly turn into an everyday timepiece. It features a larger 45mm case size, and it’s a watch that wouldn’t look out of place with your best blazer and slim grey chinos when spring weather hits. In the meantime, feel free to pair it with a knit tie and cardigan for chilly early spring weather — just try to keep from buying a few more given the price. – Shop Now

Armogan Regalia

A clean, sharp dress watch can instantly elevate any look — we know this to be true, and if you follow the work being done by Armogan, then surely, you’re in agreement. With classic looks and affordable, versatile style in mind, the Armogan Regalia in particular is a favorite of ours, from the rich brown leather strap (easy to pair with stylish tan wingtips) to the cleanly designed dial (able to stand out nicely in the boardroom or at that business pitch). Armogan also adds in neat touches like finely colored hands for subtle contrast — it’s a winning combination all around. – Shop Now

Grand Seiko SBGA293G

Seiko has a long lineage of delivering watches that perform in conditions both tough and more normal, without sacrificing a hint of style. Such is the case with the Grand Seiko SBGA293G, which is a perfectly refined watch that delivers uncompromising style in ways both classic and sharp. What does that mean for you? In layman’s terms, that means this watch is undeniably sleek and stylish, at once bold and also just dialed back enough. The Spring Drive caliber offers excellent precision, while the black leather strap pairs nicely with a navy wool suit and black Chelsea boots. – Shop Now

Linjer Minimalist Watch

For starting with a small run of leather goods, Linjer has expanded its approach quite nicely — including with its Minimalist line of sharp timepieces ready for dressy situations aplenty. The Linjer Minimalist Watch uses a full-grain vegetable-tanned leather strap, a unique design touch that’s both durable and crisp in its aesthetic. Between the clean white dial and the contrast between the leather, it’s the right watch to team with brown leather wingtips and your best suit any day of the week. A bonus — it’s sold by Huckberry, so you’re getting great quality. – Shop Now

Victorinox Alliance

We’re all about companies that make goods with utility and long-lasting style in mind — like the folks behind the iconic everyday carry essentials at Victorinox. They’re lauded for gear like the world-famous, timeless Swiss Army Knife, and the Victorinox Alliance fits a similar mold in terms of instantly recognizable design and performance. There’s something for everyone in the Alliance line, from the Alliance Small to the Alliance Sport Chronograph. These are dependable timepieces that go anywhere without missing a beat (or delivering the wrong time). – Shop Now

Skagen Ancher Leather Watch

While there’s definitely some excellent merit to buying a high-level, expensive dress watch, not every purchase need be that complicated. The Skagen Ancher Leather Watch clocks in (pun intended) at under $150, and it does so while competing with the best of them in terms of looks and design. Even a design detail as simple as the blue seconds hand adds a stylish touch to an affordable watch that works with your favorite white Oxford, a navy knit tie and brown chukka boots for classic, everyday style. You’re getting excellent value, and that means you’ve got a watch worth dressing up. – Shop Now

Orient Bambino Watch

Watches that call to mind the timepieces worn by our fathers and grandfathers are a welcome sight when so many companies produce gaudy, overly large watches. In this instance, the Orient Bambino successfully channels vintage style updated for the modern man. With a brown crocodile leather strap and a clean white face with the brand’s classic design touches, this watch is one to wear alongside a light grey suit and deep brown wingtips for your most important days at the office. And after you close that big deal, you can wear it out just as readily to dinner. – Shop Now

Rolex Explorer Watch

In the lexicon of classic watches, Rolex holds particularly grail-worthy status. Its watches are renowned for their durability, their classic looks and their blend of timeless style and tough functionality. Yes, even for being expensive timepieces, they’re still tough and well-made — a tricky balance, it seems, with more delicate watches. The Explorer has a unique look all its own — it’s made for everyday wear with items ranging from your best suit and a richly colored knit tie to more laidback, business casual looks. Even early Fridays at work call for wearing a watch like this. – shop Now

Braun Gents Classic Watch

Braun has developed a legacy that centers around creating functional products with sleek designs fit for everyday use. The Gents Classic Watch is one such watch that nails things on the head in terms of functionality, yet also looks sleek and sharp. The minimal 38mm case diameter is a callback to dress watches of old, and the black leather strap is more unique when so many reach for brown leather watches — this timepiece will definitely set you apart the next time you’re in need of a nice dress watch for a day at the office or an evening out. – Shop Now

Timex Marlin Manual Watch

The Timex Marlin collection has been among our favorites from the lauded American watch brand, delivering surprisingly refined and essential style at truly terrific prices. The Marlin Hand Wound Collection adds another element to that approach, featuring smaller dial sizes for a dressy, old-school vibe. We love the combination of gold detailing and also black leather available as part of the collection, too. – Shop Now

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