The 20 Best Beard Balms

The debate rages on among the bearded — which beard balm is the best? Maybe it’s not that intense of a debate, but it’s certainly on the minds of those of us who wear our beards proudly. And if you’re just starting to grow out your beard, beard care should certainly be top of mind. That’s where our list of the best beard balms should come in awfully handy.

Beard balms are renowned for their thicker texture and firmer hold, plus hydrating and moisturizing properties — all essential qualities in maintaining a beard that looks great and stays in excellent condition all year round. The best beard balm is going to blend an excellent scent with natural ingredients, great value and stellar quality — just like any other grooming essential, it’s worth taking the time to do your research.

You’ll see brands big and small on this list, and that’s the way it should be — each one brings something different to the table (and to your beard). If you’re searching for something with a pleasingly woods-y scent or something more crisp and clean, we’ve got you covered there — and each also brings the requisite quality you’d expect. So, without further ado — here are the best beard balms available today.

Crux Supply Beard Balm

Crux Supply Co. says you should use its excellent beard balm to “tame the whiskers, never the man” — that’s a fitting sentiment for the modern gentleman who wants to upgrade his grooming regimen in a big way for 2019 and beyond. And beard balm is a small but crucial part of that process (seriously, it makes a noticeable difference when it comes to your facial hair). In particular, the Crux Supply Beard Balm is made with touches like bergamot and rosewood, all designed to nourish and style your mane with ease. – Shop Now

Beard Supply Beard Balm

A brand like Beard Supply is aptly named and also designed to make you love taking care of your beard. Sound too good to be true? It’s not — you just need a better beard balm, like this fine option shown here. Made with unique ingredients like avocado oil and grapeseed oil, this balm is designed to style and protect your beard, nourishing it all along the way. It also rejuvenates your hair follicles, according to the brand. –Shop Now

Cliff Original Beard Balm

Finding the right beard balm — one of the best beard balms, no less — is an exercise in research and testing. Thankfully, Cliff Original makes the search easy, affordable and very pleasing in terms of the end results when it comes to grooming your beard. The brand’s Beard Balm is all-natural, featuring a clean, minty scent that’s different than others on the market. That’s a winner to us. – Shop Now

Northern Fir Beard Co. Beard Balm

Birchbox Man continues to be every bit as reliable of a source for guys on the go as the regular Birchbox line is for your wife or girlfriend. What exactly does that mean for you? That means the Northern Fir Beard Co. Beard Balm belongs in your medicine cabinet, ASAP. Using everything from shea and cocoa butters to pure beeswax results in a premium (and slightly pricey) beard balm that’s a welcome addition to your grooming routine. – Shop Now

Bulldog Original Beard Balm

The difference is all in the details when it comes to men’s grooming essentials, and particularly when it comes to the best men’s beard balms. Bulldog Original knows this all too well, and comes through with an essential product for your consideration. Touches like aloe vera and green tea (yes, green tea) make this a soft, soothing beard balm for even the most unruly of whiskers. – Shop Now

Woodsman Beard Balm

One of the most helpful, useful parts of picking up one of the best men’s beard balms has got to be the level of control it gives you over your beard. The Woodsman Beard Balm just so happens to be made with nourishing beeswax and cocoa butter for control, styling potential and that crucial soft touch. It’s the right way to finish off your grooming routine on the daily. – Shop Now

Big Red Beard Balm

Big Red Beard Combs makes no qualms about its focus on crafting just the right products for your beard – that particularly goes for its combs (go figure), and that also extends to its beard balm. It’s a bold, rugged and tough approach that keeps your beard from getting, well, too tough and scratchy. The scent itself? A blend the brand calls “warm and spicy,” with a strong hold and all-natural ingredients. The packaging? Handsome and unique — a winning product through and through, and one that you should use as much as you can. – Shop Now

Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Balm

Every man deserves to have a healthy beard that is treated well. What better way to maintain your mane than with the Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Balm? Made in America, this refreshing and warm Redwood scented balm is perfect for smelling great and looking even better. Contained within a small portable tin, Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Balm uses ingredients such as cocoa butter and lanolin to give you that luscious silky feel with the right amount of shine. – Shop Now

Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm

Uppercut’s Deluxe Beard Balm really is deluxe in its approach, with the right kind of specs to keep your beard in top form throughout the year (and particularly in the colder months). The Deluxe Beard Balm features a non-oily finish (something that’s difficult to find in most grooming products), and the slight hold allows you to control your beard. Even more important is the crucial nourishment and moisture the Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm provides your beard — two qualities you certainly shouldn’t overlook when shopping for a great beard balm. – Shop Now

Made In Detroit Beard Balm

What’s under $10, features a groovy tin design and packs in some serious quality and bang for your buck? The Made in Detroit Beard Balm, that’s what. Specifically crafted to tackle dryness, tangles, split ends and frizz, it should work like a charm on longer beards in particular. And should you like it as much as we think you might? You can sign up for a subscription to ensure you’re fully stocked. In a pocket-sized tin, this beard balm is no joke — it’s made with organic, fair trade ingredients. We think your beard needs this soon. – Shop Now

Grave Before Shave Beard Balm

The cleverly named Grave Before Shave crafts up the kind of memorable, high-quality products that you simply can’t live without — or at least, you won’t be able to live without ‘em after discovering them. It’s a beard balm that’s handcrafted in the U.S. with just about all the excellent ingredients you could ask for, from coconut oil to shea butter and aloe vera. This craftsmanship results in an overall beard balm that moisturizes, hydrates and keeps flyaway hairs tamed — plenty of great qualities that make it worth buying. – Shop Now

Blind Barber Bryce Harper Beard Balm

You know Blind Barber for the dashing, of-the-moment haircuts they give guys in the world’s most stylish cities, but have you taken the time to get acquainted with their own in-house grooming line. The Bryce Harper Beard Balm is a big-league men’s grooming upgrade (get it!?) and assuredly one of the best men’s beard balms out there. Buy it now, and you’ll have it in time for spring training. – Shop Now

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